Our Quality Guarantee

Best&Less is dedicated to upholding fair working conditions, environmental protection and human rights in all of its business concerns around the globe.

At Best&Less, we care about providing good quality products that are ethically sourced to the families of Australia. We value being responsible global citizens and we want our customers to be proud of where they shop.

We stand by our Best&Less Ethical Sourcing Code to ensure that all products are sourced responsibly. All suppliers must commit to our ethical sourcing code and Company values, many of which are based on International Labour Organisation Conventions and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


All supplier factories are audited prior to us working with them, and are regularly visited and re-audited to ensure our standards are continuously met and improved upon.

Our commitment to honesty and integrity means we will not work with suppliers with unprofessional business practices.


We care about the environment in which our products are made and the materials used to make them.

Our suppliers must implement controls to minimise environmental impacts and meet local and international environmental standards.

Best&Less is signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant.

A number of our suppliers are working towards attaining a green compliance factory.


Our suppliers and those who work for them are viewed as an extension of the Best&Less team, and are committed to ensuring safe workplaces and the protection of human rights in the factories that we do business with.

We want to make a difference in the communities we operate in, so we make sure our suppliers take steps to ensure they fairly employ a healthy and productive workforce free of fear, discrimination and abuse.

As an industry leader in affordable Australian apparel, we know it starts with us. That’s why we are always looking to improve our sourcing standards to ensure the imprint we leave on this world is a positive one.

Family is at the heart of Best&Less and this translates to all aspects of our business including our suppliers, employees, customers and partners. In line with this, we established our Ethical Sourcing Code over six years ago – this is reviewed and updated annually to capture changes and improvements that can be made. We value the information provided in the report undertaken by Oxfam and are committed to working towards improved outcomes and greater transparency. For more detailed information, view our sourcing code here.

To clarify the implications made from the report, Best&Less does not currently produce any materials from Vietnam. Bangladesh also forms a minority (22%) of where our products are produced. As the report rightly states, this is a complex matter, that reaches the global retail environment and requires commitment from world organisations and factory owners themselves to achieve systemic change.

Best&Less recently introduced a global auditing program carried out by an independent third party – this specifically covers ethical, social and environmental factory conditions and mandates alliance to our Ethical Sourcing Code. The factories we work with are fully compliant with Social Compliance Initiatives and have passed many other audits such as BSCI, Sedex, Disney and Walmart. Best&Less also undertakes stringent onboarding practices before engaging any new supplier. On top of this, we are also introducing a number of other initiatives and protocol that we believe aligns to the same vision for fair and safe working environments.

We are committed towards steps for continual improvement and will continue the conversation with Oxfam.