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Baby sleeping bags are great for keeping your baby warm during cool nights. A good quality sleeping bag will help them regulate their heat and so that they are neither too hot nor too cold. If there is something that babies seem to excel at, it is kicking off their blankets no matter how tightly you wrap them up. A sleeping bag will help avoid this, as it gives their legs freedom to move at night, and it cannot be removed without undoing the zipper or fasteners.

At Best&Less, we have an excellent collection of baby sleeping bags to choose from. You’ll find there are many different styles, including singlet, short-sleeve, and long-sleeve. During warmer months, you may prefer to buy a singlet style made from a lighter material, and in winter, the long-sleeve version will offer the best protection against the cold. Sleeping bags will give your child enough freedom to sit and stand. Sleeping bags are brilliant for giving your child warmth during the night while still providing them with enough room to move and get comfortable. When considering which sleeping bag is best for your child, you may also consider other products in our baby range; these include baby outfits, baby knitwear and baby bibs.

How to use a baby sleeping bag?

Baby sleeping bags are convenient nightwear for children. These bags are quick to put on and provide easy access to your child for those night-time nappy changes. The easiest method for getting them on is putting your child’s arms in first, and then laying them down in their bed and wrapping the bottom section around their legs. After you have the sleeping bags around their body, you can zip them up. All sleeping bags should have a protective flap to house the zip; make sure this part is covering the metal zipper. Some sleeping bags may have metal or plastic studs, but this is not as common as zippers because babies can occasionally undo these fasteners.

To choose the right sleeping bag for your child, you’ll need to make sure it is long enough. A short sleeping bag will be uncomfortable to wear, so it is best to get one slightly larger. Most children’s clothes are sold by age, and you can find baby sleeping bags for newborns up to toddlers (eighteen months). At Best&Less, you can use our size guide to make sure the sleeping bags are the right fit for your child. Measure your baby from their ankles to the top of their head to get their height measurements, and then compare that with our size chart. If you find that your child is close to the next size up, then you may prefer to buy one in that size. As babies can grow quite fast, buying a size larger is not usually a problem, and they will fit into the clothes before you know it! If you happen to buy a sleeping bag that is a little small, you can choose to return it to one of our stores or send it back to our warehouse for a refund. At Best&Less, we understand that getting clothes in the correct size can often be difficult, so we have easy-to-follow steps when it comes to returning anything that you are not satisfied with.

Why are sleeping bags good for babies?

Baby sleeping bags are brilliant for keeping your baby warm during the night. The bags are also very good at regulating heat by not having your baby wrapped up too tightly. Although blankets and sheets are still considered safe for babies, there is still a risk that they may cause your child to overheat. Sleeping bags for babies are a neat and comfortable addition to any nursery. They are easily accessible for night-time nappy changes and can have your baby settled back to sleep with minimal disturbance. The use of sleeping bags for babies has increased over the past several years as more and more parents uncover the benefits of using them.

Sleeping bags are known for helping to lower the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Using baby sleeping bags will encourage anyone putting your baby to bed to place them on their back. One of the biggest ways to protect your child from SIDS is to let them sleep on their back and not cover their face with any bedding materials. As sleeping bags have a zipper on the front, it is more natural to have this facing up as that is how you’ll get them off. Keeping your baby’s face uncovered is also vital for their health and safety; with a sleeping bag, it is unlikely they’ll be able to climb under the covers.

When you use blankets in your child’s cot, there is a chance they can kick them off. If you have a fidgety child, they can quickly remove all their blankets and be very cold as a result. Sleeping bags will prevent this problem. You’ll find that sleeping bags are available in different styles and weights. During the warmer months, you can use a lightweight sleeping bag and in winter, use one that is heavier and thicker. If you are using sleeping bags for your baby, it is still a good idea to have a few baby wraps or blankets on hand during those extra cold nights. If you are looking at sleeping bags for a friend's baby, you may also consider essential baby sets, baby shoes, baby accessories and baby gift ideas.