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Baby bibs can be an excellent addition to your child's outfit. These colourful and functional bibs are brilliant for cleaning up small messes and protecting clothes against food and saliva. You can expect to go through a few bibs per day, so it is best to have many items on hand. You can buy several at once, and they can be used until they wear out. At Best&Less, we have a great collection of bibs, which includes plain colours and fun prints. All our plain bibs are available in ten packs, and these are perfect for using at home or packed as an emergency bib when going outside. The printed bibs are ideal when you need something that is functional and aesthetic looking. Many parents find that having both plain and printed bibs are the perfect mix, and you can save the printed ones for when you’re heading out for the day.

An important part of baby bibs is how they are fastened to your child. Almost all bibs are attached around your baby’s neck, and they’ll use soft Velcro or stud fasteners. Some bibs will fasten behind the neck and others in front. If your child likes to play with the bib and take it off, you may find that ones that attach behind their neck will be a more secure option. When looking for a bib, you can consider what materials may be best suited for your baby. The printed bibs are mostly made from cotton, and the plain white bibs are made from a terry-towelling material. Generally, the terry-towelling bibs will take a little longer to dry, but as there are ten in a pack, you’ll always have one to spare. The printed bibs are available in a few different styles, including the waffle bib, which is a cute diamond style and will match other outfits. You also have so many styles to choose from: bandana bibs, plastic bibs or dribble bibs - it all comes down to personal preference and what best suits your baby. The best bibs are the ones that are comfortable for your little one.

Why do babies need bibs?

Bibs for babies are a convenient means of keeping them clean. As babies are learning to eat, they can be quite messy, and while bibs may not keep all the food off their face, they are an excellent tool for keeping their face and clothes relatively clean. Bibs are also great for when your baby is teething. Teething babies will produce a lot of saliva, and this is when bibs can be an absolute necessity. When using bibs to keep excess saliva off your baby's face, make sure they are changed regularly as they’ll get wet quickly. Without baby bibs, when your baby produces teething saliva, it has nowhere to go but onto their clothes. Clothes that are wet from saliva and drool can be incredibly uncomfortable and cold. Bibs are brilliant because they are lightweight and can be changed faster than shirts and other clothes.

How to clean baby bibs?

To keep your bibs in the best condition, they should be washed as soon as they are soiled. Bibs are a perfect addition to a nappy bag or for keeping on hand when feeding or nursing your baby. The easiest way to clean baby bibs is by placing them in the washing machine. However, as with all clothing, you should read the manufacturer's guidelines and follow those. If your baby has sensitive skin, it may be best to wash bibs by hand in warm soapy water. Then, you can wring out the bibs and hang them outside on a washing line. While you can dry some bibs in the dryer, make sure they are completely cool before using.

Where can I buy baby bibs?

At Best&Less, we have an excellent assortment of baby bibs for sale. Shopping online is a very convenient method for getting all the baby products you need. Our online store is available at all times, and with our national network of stores, you can choose the click and collect option. Click and collect is the best way to get your items fast. All orders processed will be available at your store of choice within twenty-four hours. If there is a delay in sourcing any items, we’ll let you know. If you are not close to a Best&Less store, you can have your order shipped directly to your home. At Best&Less, we have two main options for shipping, and these are express and standard. Express orders are given priority and are shipped from our Sydney warehouse on the day they are processed (if placed before 3pm). Standard orders are sent out within one to two days of being placed. All orders are sent through Australia Post, and they deliver to most locations in Australia within five working days. Orders will be shipped with tracking codes included, and you can use this function to find out where your parcels are and how long until they arrive at your door. With most orders, Australia Post will notify you beforehand.

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