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Slippers and Boots for Women

Prepare for a cool change of weather this winter with our cosy collection of women’s slipper boots. Crafted from fluffy fabrics that will keep your feet comfortable and warm, slipper boots are perfect for lazy weekends lounging around the house in winter. Choose from neutral colours with simple designs for an understated sleepwear style, reserving bright prints and patterns for a fun addition to your pyjama attire. Rely on sturdy soles to prevent you from sliding around the floor and fleece cuffed ankles features for added coverage and warmth.

For added warmth that will transition the seasons, take advantage of our selection of women’s slippers in various styles. Fitted out in moccasin, mule and open-toe designs, we’ve a wide variety of slippers for women to choose from. For added coverage and comfort without the weight of a boot, take advantage of moccasin slippers with soft lining and rubber outsoles. Choose from monochrome tones for a subtle addition to your sleepwear style, reserving prints and patterns for pyjamas with a playful flair. Open-toe designs made of lightweight materials are great for combating those cool summer mornings whereas closed-toe designs such as mule and scuff slippers are great slip-on styles to keep you warm in winter. Faux-fur lining lends to a luxurious feel while cable slippers keep things cosy and comfortable.

For a wide selection of women’s slippers, shop online with Best&Less Australia. Whether it’s an open-toe, mule or moccasin slipper you’re after for summer, or even a pair of soft slipper boots for winter, we’ve everything a woman needs to keep her feet snug and secure through the seasons.