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For the women who wish to add shape to their silhouette, make the most of our functional selection of shapewear briefs. Made from a blend of fabrics, our shapewear is designed with both fit and function in mind. Lightweight fabrics that are soft yet strong ensure designs feel good pressed against your skin and stretchable fibres that are resilient to regular wear enable briefs to encase your body with ease. Shapewear is like that steadfast friend - you can call on them anytime and they always make you feel better. Sometimes we all need a little support, and a good selection of shapewear can give you the lift you need. Best&Less can provide you with all the options you need so you can choose the right piece of shapewear for you. Our range of women’s shapewear will provide you with all the lifting, smoothing and flattering you could ever need. Shop online and feel the support!

What are shapewear briefs?

Fitted out as a shapewear version of the classic full brief design, shapewear briefs supply light-medium smoothing action across your lower-mid section. Focusing on the stomach, hips and bottom in particular, shapewear briefs flatten your stomach while lifting and defining your bottom. For added coverage and shape around your hips, make use of shapewear briefs in high-waisted designs. Fitted out in a style similar to full briefs albeit with high-waist features, high-waisted shapewear briefs pay particular attention to the waist, stomach and bottom. Adding shape around your waistline while lifting and defining your rear, wear them with high-waisted styles such as pencil skirts, shorts or pants. Rely on muted tones of nude colours for a style to blend seamlessly beneath opaque clothing, reserving monochrome tones such as black or white for darker designs where transparency isn’t an issue. The most versatile of all shapewear styles, enjoy added shape and confidence with a multitude of outfits at any occasion.

Our extensive range of women’s shapewear includes styles like shapewear leggings, slips and half slips, so you are sure to find the perfect shapewear piece for you. Shapewear is intended to support and flatten the typical ‘problem’ areas, namely your thighs, butt and belly. It’s a temporary fix so you can wear figure-hugging outfits with confidence. Contrary to some of the myths, shapewear isn’t going to make you drop a clothing size or lose weight. We know, damn it. Rock what you’ve got with confidence, but if you’re after a little boost check out our stunning range of shapewear today!

How do I stop shapewear from rolling down?

Preventing your shapewear from rolling down is the key to comfortable, flattering and gorgeous shapewear. The main consideration is to ensure you’re buying the correct size. Some people try to downsize to achieve a more compressed and slimmer look - but it really doesn’t work that way! If your shapewear fits well, you won’t experience any digging or rolling. Shapewear like bodysuits, briefs & shorts is usually designed with a rubber grip on the upper edge, which helps your shapewear stay in place. So as long as you’re in the right size, this grippy strip will work wonders in preventing your shapewear from rolling down your body. Shapewear that is the correct size and fit will be very comfortable. When you’re on the lookout for some new shapewear, look no further than the collection at Best&Less.

Where to buy women’s shapewear briefs?

Best&Less has got everything you need when it comes to women’s clothing including a gorgeous collection of women’s shapewear. Use our store finder to locate a store near you or shop online for all the latest products and styles. When you shop online with us, you can rest assured that your shopping bag contains quality products for an amazing price. In addition to this, Best&Less offers you peace of mind with hassle-free returns and you have 100 days from the original date of purchase within which to return your items. This returns policy for both our Quality Guarantee as well as change of mind.

We believe it is so important for all women to feel sexy, sultry and stylish. Our collection of women’s underwear was designed with Australian women in mind, and we hope we can provide that little extra support and confidence for you to step out with your best foot forward. We take pride in housing some of the best women’s bras & underwear on the market. From lingerie sets to training bras, we have it all! With products and styles from some of your favourite brands like Bonds, Underworks & Tradie, we know you are going to love what you find online at Best&Less.

You can shop in confidence knowing you're picking up items made with you in mind. Whether you’re shopping for women’s activewear, women’s sleepwear, women’s swimwear or women’s lingerie, we have you covered!