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Homewares for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. And with a wide range of homewares that are as pleasant as they are practical, adding ambience to your house has never felt so easy. Crafted from different fabrics in a diverse range of designs, tea towels are a must-have in any kitchen. Choose from velour and terry cloth towels in vibrant patterns to infuse interest into understated spaces and popcorn and waffle designs in neutral tones to balance out bold or crowded décor. Microfibre designs made from durable fabric sweep up dirt and dust with ease whereas designs made from lightweight cotton fibres make away with excess moisture. For another opportunity to add a touch of colour and texture to your interior, make the most of kitchen floor mats. Detailed designs featuring rustic motifs give modern spaces some homey appeal whereas simple styles in solid block colours make a minimalist edge in busy spaces. Mats made with cushioning have both shock-absorption and stress-reduction qualities while rubber backing generates traction that’s ideal in high-traffic areas such as kitchens.

Ensure the little ones have food that’s clean and safe for school with our functional collection of drink bottles and lunch boxes for kids. Choose from stainless steel drink bottles that are durable and sustainable to ensure their water stays cool in hot and humid conditions and BPA-free plastic that’s light and flexible for designs that are difficult to damage by dropping. Whether it’s a solid core colour with a metallic finish or a pattern inspired by their favourite movie or TV show character, your little ones will love our fun range of designs.

Best&Less is host to a vast selection of homewares, including bathroom, beach, living supplies and more. For a wide selection of kitchen homewares, from fashionable floor mats and tea towels to functional drink bottles and lunch boxes, shop online with Best&Less Australia.