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Face Washers and Twin Packs

For essential additions to your towelling that will keep your face fresh and clean, make use of our plush collection of face washers. Crafted from delicate cotton fabric for its soft and comfortable qualities, our face washers feel as pleasant as they look plush. Rely on the absorbent ability of cotton to deal with excess moisture with ease and its delicate yet durable nature that helps designs retain their quality despite day-to-day use. Turn to twin packs in matching colours for a considered and coordinated look, utilising singular face washers decorated with delicate floral motifs for a more classic and feminine feel. Make use of monochrome or neutral tones for a minimalist edge in bold bathroom interiors, reserving classic core colours for a touch of brightness in understated spaces.

When it comes to comfortable face washers that are attractive while affordable, you can’t go wrong with the range online at Best&Less Australia. Whether it’s a singular face washer in a vibrant floral pattern or a twin pack with matching monochrome designs, our styles are sure to elevate the ambience in your bathroom.