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Taking a baby to a rugby match can be tons of fun for both the parents and the baby. But you must have proper preparation and set realistic expectations. You will need to know the ticket information and rules and policies of the stadium. Bring essential items and gather the necessary food and entertainment. It would help if you also planned for the weather. It would also be terrific if you could go to the game with the entire family having matching outfits that celebrate your favourite team. Dress your baby in Essendon Bombers Babywear from Best&Less. These outfits are made from premium materials ensuring your baby will be comfy throughout the game.

What should you be preparing when bringing your baby to a rugby match?


The weather is a huge consideration. The game might be held outdoors or in a climate-controlled stadium. The following are things you must consider:

Weather extremes are harmful to babies. If it is going to be too hot or cold, you might want to opt-out of the event.

During extreme heat, be vigilant for signs of dehydration or exhaustion in your baby, especially in outdoor events. Be sure there is an area to duck inside and take a break in an air-conditioned room when necessary. You must also have a plan to replace fluids for your baby.

In the case of cold weather, add extra layers to your baby. Hats are highly crucial to maintain body heat. Bring along a blanket just in case. Fortunately, everything you need to dress up your baby for the big match is available in Best&Less. You can browse wide-ranging babywear that has premium material and superb craftsmanship.

In some cases, insects will be a big deal. Consider bringing bug repellent for your baby if they are older than two months. Otherwise, shield them with clothes that cover most of their body.


If you are breastfeeding your baby, you might not have to be hassled bringing additional foods and snacks for your little one. But you must make sure that you are comfortable feeding your baby in public. Some stadiums will have designated areas for breastfeeding moms to have privacy. But it would help if you were prepared if the stadium you are going to doesn’t have one. If it is not too crowded and you are wearing your baby on a carrier, breastfeeding can be convenient. You can breastfeed them even while you’re watching the game.


When it is hot outside, dress your baby in lightweight Essendon Bombers babywear. A baby will likely require additional layers such as light sleeper onesies. If you wear your baby in a sling or carrier, ensure the material is comfy and fresh. Your precious one mustn’t get too hot.


Make sure that your baby’s eyes are shielded from the rays of the sun. Put sunglasses on them with 100% UV protection.


Sweating is one method the human body cools itself. Babies have a limited ability to sweat. They will only sweat through their neck, hands, feet, and head which is 30% of their overall body. Because of this, they can quickly become overheated. Socks and hats on babies during hot summer days will limit their ability to cool themselves. So, you must ditch these accessories during the big game unless it is a sun hat. But even then, it is recommended to keep your baby in the shade.

How much clothing is too much or too little?

Try to factor in your clothes as a guide for what your baby should be wearing. If you are comfortable in a T-shirt and shorts, your baby will be comfortable in something similar. For warm days, a cotton shirt is perfect. You can add extra layers when things start getting chilly.

But if it is hot, dressing your baby with only a nappy, even during the middle of a big game, is acceptable. In most cases, it is recommended you dress your baby in breathable cotton.

Where can I buy Essendon Bombers babywear?

Dress up your little sports fan in an NRL team outfit when you go to the big rugby match. Show your entire family’s solid support for your favourite team by having matching outfits. To make sure you are getting quality Essendon Bombers babywear merchandise, purchase from Best&Less. We are a leading supplier of quality apparel and accessories for babies, young children, teenagers, and adult men and women.

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