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Family is at the heart of Best&Less and this translates to every aspect of our business and the relationships we create with our customers, employees, suppliers and partners. We believe in the importance of investing in quality and safety while undertaking a genuine effort to lift social, environmental and community outcomes. It’s a global responsibility we can all take on together.








COVID-19 and Best&Less’ ongoing commitment to our supply partners

At Best&Less we always value our relationships with suppliers and work very closely with them to ensure that we support each other. We build strong long-standing successful relationships with good consistent communication.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was more important than ever to over communicate with our overseas suppliers and we were able to openly discuss our options to ensure we all survived with the heightened level of uncertainty.

Our strategy in Bangladesh and India has never changed, working with only six suppliers in Bangladesh and four in India, has made it easy to communicate over this time.

We kept our stores open to sell essential winter products to our customers throughout the lockdown period even though traffic in stores was at an all-time low, we needed to support our customers, our teams and to honour our orders to suppliers.

All suppliers were contacted directly and we agreed to either accept delivery of garments already produced as well as goods in production or in some cases moved or pause orders to a later date to be able to honour our commitment. We only cancelled orders that hadn’t been started. Since that time we have also placed additional orders and removed the hold we had on the production of orders.

We spoke directly with all suppliers to ensure that they could pay their workers and worked through payment plans with them. Bangladesh and India has been in an extended period of lockdown as a consequence of the pandemic and we have constantly checked in with our factories to ensure that no additional pressure was placed on workforce expectations during the shutdown periods. We have adjusted our order fulfilment dates to accommodate the health and safety needs of the workforce employed to produce our orders.

Factories have now all re-opened and workers in Bangladesh and India are returning to work now as they ease back into a full production capacity. Our factories in China are already back to full production.


The only brand that stands by its quality, with a 100-day guarantee

As a brand adored by Aussie families, we know you want to invest in products that last – and that’s a promise from our family to yours. We live up to this promise with our exclusive 100-day quality guarantee, where you can return products easily and without questions if they don’t meet your expectations.

To continually meet our high standards, we have a Quality Assurance team of highly trained experts and work closely with both our buyers and suppliers to ensure all safety, design, fit, make and use of each product to ensure that the expectations of our customers are met long after purchase.

We know how many loads of laundry you go through, so to make it a little easier we also test all fabrics to ensure they meet requirements for durability, shrinkage, colour fasten, with washing and care – including printed fabrics. All products are tested in accredited laboratories to the relevant Australian and international standards.

We work around the clock to ensure quality remains consistent, with ongoing staff feedback, long-term supplier relationships and monthly store visits. Best&Less is committed to , with twice twice the quality at half the price.


Our strict policies have assured our reputable safety record

Just as with our own family, our customer’s safety is of the utmost importance to us and we always work with the customer’s expectations in mind.

We employ a number of strict safety protocols at our factories including metal detection machines, flammability tests (tested and labelled per Australian standards) and other relevant risk assessments including restricting hazardous chemicals and dyes.

At Best&Less we want our customers to rest assured safety has not been compromised for our affordable products. Through these stringent practices, Best&Less has not had a mandatory ACCC recall for over 7 years.


Everyday our teams help to provide relief to those in need

Best&Less is committed to working together to do better, which is why we partnered with not-for-profit charity Drought Angels to help make a difference to our farmers and regional communities. With a major presence of our stores located regionally, we have seen the devasting effects of floods and drought first-hand. Drought Angels provide essential relief to farmers and their families such as: