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Parents who need to take care of a baby feel chained to the house. Your baby’s needs are easier to manage within the home. But after a period, parents want to get back to their routine and be sports fans again. There is typically an urgency in the first game of the rugby season. It makes taking a baby to a sporting event a crucial situation. You must plan and know what to prepare for your baby on the day of the big match. It would also be terrific if you and your baby could wear matching outfits. Dress up your baby in an ensemble featuring your favourite team, such as Canberra Raiders babywear from Best&Less. These are made from premium materials and ensure your baby’s comfort throughout the game.

How do you dress up your baby during a sports event?

Having an extensive collection of baby clothes provides you with the option of dressing up your baby in the manner you prefer. But the hot months where rugby matches are typically held require a specific type of clothing that allows your baby’s body to breathe and absorb sweat. Because of this, you must steer clear of synthetic and silk clothes and choose a fabric made of cotton. It must be lightweight and comfortable. A good option is dressing up your baby featuring your favourite team logo, such as Canberra Raiders babywear from Best&Less. These are kind to baby skin and allow for optimum comfort.

You must also think about how to protect your baby from the intense sunlight and heatwaves. Bringing a pram requires you to take additional steps, such as removing the extra cushioning on the pram. Although these parts are meant for your baby’s comfort, the cushioning itself can heat up quickly. It is especially the case during the summer months. It will be uncomfortable for your little one.

What should you be preparing when bringing your baby to a rugby match?


This is a primary consideration when bringing your baby to the big match. Some babies are highly reactive, while others are calm. Some will also cry around loud noises, while others will be falling asleep. Your baby might also walk around and accidentally hit people while others will grab people passing by. The crowds at sporting events are another variable to consider. Does your baby ignore crowds, or are they shy?

If you are going to expose your baby to deafening noises, you will need to consider a solution to keep your baby’s ears safe. Big indoor events will have booming music and announcers. There will also be screaming fans which can reach extreme levels of noise quickly and for long periods. But outdoor events and smaller events, overall, will be less overwhelming.

The best solution is to get a pair of noise-cancelling earmuffs explicitly made for babies. The best brands will include a stretchable strap or a way to keep the buds on your baby’s ears. It can reduce the noise by at least 25 decibels. It is recommended to try them on your baby before the game to ensure you know how to use them.


Before purchasing tickets, you must check the rules and policies of the venue hosting the game. A majority of stadiums will allow you to bring a child under the age of two free of charge. But keep in mind that this is not always the case. Don’t forget that even if you can bring your baby for free, you will not get a seat for them. Because of this, you have to fit everything into a cramped space once you’re seated.


Anytime you go outdoors with a baby, it is best to minimise the struggle of walking. It is recommended you bring a baby carrier so your arms will not tire before halftime. You can also bring a stroller, but you must check where to store it during the game. But bringing a stroller is not recommended unless you are bringing more than one baby or if it is an open seating outdoor event. In these cases, you can get away parking a stroller near you. But if you are comfortable wearing your baby, then be sure to pack only the basics.

Where can I buy Canberra Raiders babywear online?

Dress up your little sports fan in an NRL team outfit when you go to the big rugby match. Show your entire family’s solid support for your favourite team by having matching outfits. To make sure you are getting quality Canberra Raiders babywear merchandise, purchase from Best&Less. We are a leading supplier of quality apparel and accessories for babies, young children, teenagers, and adult men and women.

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