Trending Fabric: Organic Rib

25th January 2021

This year, fashion is looking to be more comfortable than ever! We’re embracing lounge styles, sweat styles as trendy outerwear, and the fabrics we’re looking to are those that provide all day comfort. Enter our new fabric crush - organic ribbed cotton. Looking for cotton rich styles has been on the forefront of people’s minds for a while, especially down here in Australia when the weather rarely calls for heavy layers, but now we’re craving more from our clothes, especially for the little ones! For kids, we often search for durable, comfortable clothing, and the Best&Less organic ribbed cotton range is all that and more. Here’s 3 reasons we think you’ll love the new range, and the fabric of the season.

Comfort Is Key

Kids need clothes that are comfortable. Playing all day, napping, running and all of the moments in between means that your little one needs to feel like they can go all day without worrying about itchy or uncomfortable clothing. Organic rib cotton is ultra lightweight and soft to touch, often having stretch to ensure that the pieces will easily move with the wearer. It’s lightweight enough to bear the Aussie Summer, but is breathable enough to layer for cooler weather, whether you’re using a t-shirt as a base layer, or wearing a pair of leggings.

Style Options

One of the best things about cotton in general is its ability to be manipulated, that is, its ability to be different colours, have intricate designs and prints and its ability to create a range of silhouettes. The new Best&Less organic rib kids range is home to so many different styles, so there is surely something to suit your little one. The organic rib tee’s are a staple, coming in a range of cute colours, all with different prints, all matching to adorable textured leggings in fun colours. We even have organic rib dresses that are perfect for a comfy, yet girly look.

Emphasis On Organic

Being organic, the cotton rib fabric has a range of great properties that make it that little bit more special than regular cotton. If your little one has sensitive skin, or is allergic to any unnatural fibres, organic cotton is a great option! It’s hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t irritate skin. Aside from the benefits for us humans, organic cotton is much better for the environment. It uses far less water and harmful chemicals to be made, meaning that you can rest easy knowing your little one has outfits made from good fabrics.

Check out the entire range of organic cotton ribbed material online and in store at Best&Less.