Jumpsuits For Joy: The Latest Summer Trend

1st December 2020

Summer is well and truly here - and with the weather warming up, we’re all searching for that perfect outfit that can be worn on even the hottest days, while still being fashionable. Look no further than the jumpsuit! These pieces are an absolute wardrobe essential, with so many styles and silhouettes available, there’s truly a look to suit everyone. Find fabulous outfits for yourself, or your little one! If you’re not quite convinced, here’s 3 reasons you should add a jumpsuit to your Summer wardrobe rotation.

They Look Good On Everyone

There’s basically no way to look bad in a jumpsuit. With their versatility, everybody can easily find the right fit for their shape. Whether you’re looking for a cinched waist, a flowy leg, or even an off the shoulder look, there’s a jumpsuit out there for you. One of our favourites for this season are shirred bust silhouettes. These feature an ultra stretchy area at the chest, and all away around the back. This not only makes it comfy for everyone, but can accommodate larger chests, while remaining trendy. Discover the ultimate fashion look with a cropped length jumpsuit, perfect for warm weather!

They’re No Fuss Outfits

We’ve all been there - the perfect pair of pants with no cute top to pair with it, or you’ve found a new favourite t-shirt, and you just can’t find the right bottoms to wear with it. Jumpsuits solve the issue of putting an outfit together, because the all in one style IS the outfit! Choosing the right jumpsuit means you can use that extra time saved on completing your look with makeup, hair, accessories, or just being on time! For the little ones, letting them choose an all in one outfit makes dressing all the more faster, making parties and no-uniform school days a stress-free breeze. Discover bold styles that make a statement all by themselves, or choose a simple jumpsuit that can be dressed up or down with shoes and accessories.

They’re Designed For Comfort

Jumpsuits are the ultimate comfy outfit. Made with light and flowy materials, straight or wide leg silhouettes and lengths to suit everyone, you can find your new favourite fit with ease when shopping through the new Best&Less jumpsuit range. The kids especially will love being able to run around in their new no-fuss outfit, with their favourite pair of sneakers on. You can style the jumpsuit trend up or down depending on the occasion, so adding some sandals and a light denim jacket will immediately elevate your look, while keeping ultra comfy.

Have you seen something you like? The new Best&Less jumpsuit range is available to shop online now, and will soon be heading to your nearest store. Shop soon to get your goodies in time for Christmas - we think your friends and family will be jumping for joy when they see a brand new jumpsuit under the tree.