Going Green at Home

11th September 2020

It’s no secret that our environment here on planet Earth needs a little helping hand. Setting green initiatives in place at home is ultra important to make sure that our little ones get to enjoy their world just as much as we all did growing up. Getting the kids involved in making the world a better place is always a great idea, and we’ve got 3 fun and easy ways for you to do it from the comfort of your own home!

Go Organic

Going organic means a lot of different things, but today we’re talking about your clothes. The fashion industry accounts for a large percentage of a bunch of detrimental practices that hurt our environment. The use of pesticides, chemicals and trillions of liters of water each year damages the environment, all just to create clothes!

Best&Less is committed to making strides to become even more environmentally friendly, which is why we’ve released a range of organic cotton tees. Organic cotton creates far less of an impact on the environment than other fibres, as it requires less water to produce it, and the crops aren’t treated with harmful chemicals that affect us, the environment, and the workers who have to farm it. We also have organic cotton printed tees that will show everyone just how much you care about planet Earth - something you should always be proud of.

Veg Out

It’s nice to relax, but while you’re at home, why not start a veggie garden? The kids will love the chance to run around outside, and grow their own food right in their own backyard! Better yet, if you’re growing your own veggies, you can be sure that no nasties like chemicals or pesticides have been tampering with your food.

Starting a veggie garden really only requires 4 steps: choosing a suitable location, planning your veggie layout, preparing the soil and planting your seeds! Let the kids choose a few of their favourite veggies to plant, and they’ll love taking care of their new garden with you.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Being environmentally friendly extends beyond just having a recycling bin - being thoughtful with your purchases, and knowing how to properly dispose of things like plastic is super important, and it's never too early to start teaching kids about the importance of waste reduction.

Have the kids draw examples of which items can go in which bins and stick them nearby so that they can learn how to properly dispose of things that they use daily. A good system to have is a waste bin, recycling bin, soft plastics bin, and a compost bin. Best&Less also offers a range of kids swimwear that is made with recycled fabrics and materials, so you can teach your little ones that even their clothes can impact the environment.

Showing your little ones how to take care of the Earth is the first step to making sure there’s an Earth for them to enjoy! Check out our organic cotton range to take the first step towards going green.