4 Reasons Why Corduroy Is Making A Comeback

18th March 2020

If one thing is obvious about the style trends this season, it’s that corduroy designs have made a comeback.

A vintage textile that’s been used over centuries for a variety of reasons, corduroy is enduring in its inherent bulkiness with a soft-to-touch texture. Made by weaving extra fibres into the base fabric to form the vertical ridges the design is known for; the result is a durable fabric with a velvety feel.

From its reputation as the ‘poor man’s velvet’ throughout the 19th century to the retro revamp that was popular in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, it’s safe to say the textile has seen many sides of the style spectrum. Here are our top 4 reasons why corduroy is making a comeback yet again.

It’s Durable

Soft to touch yet tough and durable, it should come as no surprise that corduroy has been used in utilitarian clothing. It’s durable nature and low expense made it popular with working classes throughout the 18th century whereas today it’s used more in men’s and women’s winter clothing.

The raised ridges create a bulky finish that makes it the perfect fabric for winter pieces while the tenacity of the weave ensures each style lasts from season to season with ease.

Yet Comfortable

Known for its durability, corduroy don’t sound like the most comfortable fabric. Being crafted from cotton fibres with a velvet-like finish, however, ensures the fabric feels as soft as it looks textured. The weight of the fabric will keep you warm in winter while cropped and slim-fit styles lend to trendy angular looks.

It’s Also Versatile

Corduroy was manufactured for thousands of years before we came to know it as the textile we have today. In fact, it was first thought to be manufactured in Fustat, Egypt, in 200 AD. It was known as ‘fustian’ fabric in Europe during the 12th century and grew in popularity due to the cotton trade over the 12th to 14th centuries. It was used for everything from men’s work wear to the regal clothing of King Henry VIII.

Whether it’s a pinafore dress with frilled features or a trucker jacket with a Sherpa fleece collar, corduroy can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

But Most Of All, It’s Stylish

Some people would have you believe that corduroy is outdated or downright daggy. The fact that corduroy keeps coming back decade after decade, however, proves that not everyone subscribes to that sentiment.

From cropped wide leg pants that posses oodles of retro charm to blazers and jackets that emit an aura of timeless style, corduroy designs add interest to outfits with ease. Whether it’s the unique texture of the fabric or the way it drapes across the body, it’s safe to say that corduroy’s a textile that’s here to stay.

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