2 Properties of Linen That Make our Latest Collection Perfect for Summer

2 Properties of Linen That Make our Latest Collection Perfect for Summer

21st October 2019

Linen is the favoured fabric for spring and summer. Comfortable, durable, lightweight and sustainable, it makes the perfect choice for clothes in hot and humid weather. And with our latest season styles made with comfort in mind, issues of irritation and overheating will become problems of the past. Whether it’s a boxy button-up shirt or a fitted dress, a pair of paperbag shorts or flowing pants, everyone will feel as comfortable as they look chic in our minimalist linen styles.

Here are our top 2 reasons for loving linen this season.

Linen is an Eco-Friendly Fabric

Crafted from the cellulose fibres found inside the stalk of the flax plant, linen is an altogether natural fabric. As the farming of flax plants requires few fertilisers and pesticides and also uses 5-20 times less water than cotton, it also makes a sustainable choices for constructing clothes with. Boasting a higher crop yield than cotton whilst requiring fewer resources for growing, linen makes one of the most eco-friendly fabrics.

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The Finish Feels Light and Cool

Linen clothes make the perfect choice in warm weather. As the nature of the fibres is soft and lightweight whilst the weave allows for added airflow, the resultant fabric is light and breathable. The stiff nature of the fabric prevents it from sticking to the skin in humid conditions while moisture absorbent abilities make away with up to 1/5th of its weight before feeling damp. Available in an array of minimalist styles in core colours and classic prints, you’ll love the look and feel of our linen clothes for the seasons ahead.