Your Guide to Newborn Essentials

21st July 2021

So, you’re just about ready to meet the little one that's been hiding in your tummy for the last 9 months, what now? The crucial few weeks before a baby is born can be a glorious mix of beautiful and stressful. Best&Less is here to help you prepare for bub’s arrival with a guide to newborn essentials - from fashion to toys and more.

Clothing Essentials

There’s almost nothing cuter than shopping for adorable new baby clothes. Whether it's a sweet summer dress you can imagine at their first picnic, or overalls that will be perfect for their first park playdate, baby fashion is downright fun to shop for. The essentials might sometimes not get the treatment they deserve during those trips to the store and late night online browsing, so here’s the things we recommend stocking up on. We’re talking plenty of outfit repeating styles here - bubs can need changing multiple times a day, so having these on hand will be a godsend after lunch.

Bodysuits in all sleeve lengths, singlets, and tights are the daily essentials for your little one. These styles can all be worn by themselves, or layered with more fashion forward items to create a cute outfit for your little one. Our range includes long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless bodysuits, singlets in a variety of colours, and comfy tights to keep their nappy secure. Our multi packs are a great option for starting your essentials collection and start at size ‘tiny baby’ - which is a 00000 in number sizing. If your little one is even smaller, our premature range starts at ‘tiny premature’, a 0000000 in number sizing (there’s 7 zero’s there!)

Bath, Feeding & Bedtime Essentials

Clothes aren’t the only thing your new arrival will need in their first few weeks with you. Feeding time is an important bonding moment for mum and bub, and after shopping for all those cute clothes, you’ll want to protect them from any spit up or spillage. Stocking up on bibs is a great way to protect their clothes and make sure you can quickly wipe their face when needed. You’ll want a few of these in your nappy bag, pram, and plenty around the home - you can never have quite too many bibs! Our 10 pack of bibs is only $10, making them a great way to start your collection.

Keeping bub comfy through their ever changing sleep schedule is essential. Swaddling your baby in a muslin wrap has a bunch of benefits for bub. Swaddling protects baby from their natural startle reflex, meaning they won’t scratch themselves and are generally less likely to wake themselves up, meaning a better sleep for both of you. The process of swaddling can do wonders for calming your little one down. Keeping your little one comfy with soft, cosy blankets is a must, and they’ll love feeling warm and safe inside a blanket while nursing, or having a nap.

Your baby’s first bath is always a special moment. Making sure you have soft, sensitive fabrics to use on your baby is essential to prevent irritating their skin. Fabrics like bamboo and cotton are soft, breathable and will be gentle on their skin. Bath essentials include their towel, but also face washers that can be used to gently clean their skin. To help calm your little one as they get used to the water, a bath friendly baby toy can be great to make this time as seamless as possible for both of you.

To prepare for your new arrival, be sure to check out our Baby Hub. Here you’ll find everything that a baby needs including the newborn essentials listed here as well as fun fashion styles, and the items they’ll need as they grow.