The Perfect Presents for Christmas Day: From Matching Pyjamas Sets to Me and My Doll Dresses

17th December 2019

If you’re confused about what to get the little ones for Christmas, rest assured we’ve got you covered for a great gift. Fitted out as two-piece and three-piece sets made up of identical designs, our Me and My Doll and matching pyjama sets make the perfect presents for children who love coordination. Whether it’s a princess dress complete with an identical design for their favourite toy or a pyjama set with a stylish sleeping bag to match, their favourite items will be able to go with them in an adorable matching ensemble.

Here are two of our favourite ideas to give as gifts to the kids this Christmas.

Must-have Me and My Doll Dress Sets

Little kids loving dressing up and messing around. Whether it’s a fashion parade for the family or part of a greater game with their friends, our Me and My Doll dresses add to the fun. Fitted out as two-piece sets featuring identical dresses for a child and their doll, they’ll be able to get creative and mix and match their style to that of their favourite doll’s. From classic styles in core colours to princess dresses complete with frilled features and tulle skirts, our dresses will take them from preschool to parties.

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Pyjamas Made with Matching in Mind

You’ll never struggle to get them to bed ever again. From two-piece sets made up of nighties with matching designs for dolls to three-piece sets featuring pyjamas and sleeping bags, our pyjamas make the bedtime routine a bit more fun. Identical nighties for dolls mean children can coordinate their pyjamas with their favourite sleeping toy while matching sleeping bags mean they can bring all their sleepover essentials in style. Soft cotton fabric lends to a light and breathable finish that prevents them from overheating and irritation while stretchable fibres foster a flexible fit that keeps them comfortable throughout the day.

For other ideas to add to your Christmas shopping list, browse our broad range of Christmas gift ideas for the family. From babies and kids to men and women, there’s something for everyone to enjoy this holiday season at Best&Less.