3 Ways the Drought Angels Calendar Helps Aussie Farmers

28th October 2020

Best&Less is committed to helping out the Aussie locals when they need it most. After a devastating bushfire season at the beginning of 2020, and ongoing drought, farmers are doing it tough. Drought Angels are an organisation taking care of our farmers day in, day out, making sure they have access to the things they need to keep going, which keeps Australia going in return. The annual Drought Angels calendar is now available in Best&Less stores, and our online store, with all proceeds going straight to their organisation. Here’s just 3 of the ways that purchasing a Drought Angels calendar will help our Aussie farmers out:

Direct Financial Assistance

Drought Angels provide immediate access to money when farmers need it. Prepaid Visa;s mean that the farmers can spend the money on exactly what they need, when they need it, whether it’s food, clothes, vet bills, or anything else, they can count on Drought Angels to have their backs. Helping out one farmer often means that a whole rural town is benefitting in the long run too! The money that Drought Angels provide means that small town economies are stimulated. Every dollar spent in a rural community goes around up to 7 times!

Food Hampers

After a long day, worrying about feeding the family should be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Drought Angels allows Aussie farmers access to food hampers, which can help feed the whole family, make school lunches, and take the pressure off families who provide the basic fridge and pantry essentials for the rest of Australia.

Care Packs

Beyond essentials, like financial assistance and food hampers, Drought Angels know that sometimes all a family needs is a good pick-me-up. Something to get them through the week with a smile. The organisation has created a range of care packs that can be sent to families, which can be personalised to exactly what each individual family may need. The personalised support that Drought Angels offers to Aussie farmers is unique, and one of the easiest and best ways to support a community that makes Australia who we are.

How You Can Help

Best&Less is selling gorgeous yearly calendars for 2021, made by Drought Angels, featuring incredible photographs of the Australian landscape, rural communities, and people who keep Australia going. For just $25, you can help support and give back to Aussie Farmers after what has been a difficult 2020, all proceeds will go directly to Drought Angels. Order the Drought Angels 2021 calendar online, or in store at Best&Less.