The Best Fabrics for Bubs

3rd August 2021

Your little ones deserve the best. With so many cute and stylish fashion options, it can be hard to make sure the fabrics that you’re choosing for your bub are the best they can be. Even if you know what feels good, maybe you’re not fully aware of what benefits different fabrics hold. Babies thrive in breathable, soft clothing that allows them to move comfortably, and absorb their sweat.


Cotton is a common choice for baby clothing, and when looking into the properties and benefits of the fabric, it's easy to see why. Cotton is a highly breathable fabric. It allows air to move through the clothing and keep the baby's temperature at a comfortable level. The soft feel of cotton will keep your little one comfortable too - the fabric is gentle on their skin, and won’t irritate when rubbing. Aside from benefits for babies, cotton is a durable, easy to clean fabric. This makes it a great choice for busy parents. Cotton is able to be thrown into the washing machine and come out retaining its shape and colour - no fuss!

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton has all the same benefits of regular cotton with a few extra properties making it worthwhile for your baby, especially if they deal with any sort of sensitivity on their skin. Organic cotton carries the same breathability and temperature regulating benefits, but comes with the addition of hypoallergenic properties. This means that irritation to bubs skin is extremely rare with this fabric, and they’ll feel ultra comfortable too. Organic cotton uses less chemicals and pesticides when being made, making it better for the environment than a bunch of other fabrics, and is still durable enough to care for easily in the same way that regular cotton can be.

Ultimately, your baby's safety and comfort should be number one. Cotton in many forms is an easy, affordable choice that will keep babies happy, and look stylish with the countless designs and prints that can be created on cotton.