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How To Throw A Gender Reveal

13th July 2021

Celebrating a new bub coming into the world is a time honoured tradition, but the way we celebrate has changed a little bit over the years. Classic baby showers are often swapped with or thrown in tandem with a gender reveal party - a fun and exciting way to surprise expecting parents. Friends and family of the new parents will be entrusted with the secret of their bubs gender, and host a get together where guests are encouraged to guess, play games and give advice. Here’s your guide to throwing an excellent gender reveal party for the expecting parents in your life!

Nail the Decor

Rather than going down the traditional route of having both blue and pink decor, we suggest choosing a colour scheme that could be considered gender neutral. Of course pink and blue could be included, but opting for colours like sage green, eggshell yellow, or a classic white can make for an insta-worthy party without being too overwhelming on the eyes. In terms of what to decorate with, balloons never go astray and look amazing as a photo backdrop, floral arrangements are an environmentally friendly option as they can be dried afterwards to create an everlasting home piece, and themed snacks like iced cupcakes will satiate guests while looking great on the table. For the little ones in attendance, small bottles of bubbles look cute on the table and will provide easy amusement, and having the guests cast their guesses via a drop box, or scoreboard is a fun way to get people involved. Decor is a great way to set the vibe of the party, and will create beautiful, lasting memories for the new parents.

Choose A Reveal Method

A gender reveal party isn’t as simple as telling everyone bub’s gender - the party often includes a fun reveal method. There are SO many ways to do this, some more extravagant than others, but there’s a few simple yet effective ways to do this that don’t require pyrotechnics or even a larger than life budget. If your decor includes an array of balloons, adding to that display with a reveal balloon is a great option. Gender reveal balloons are readily available at most party supply stores, a large balloon is filled with coloured confetti signifying bubs gender - the expecting parents will pop the balloon at their party! The confetti can be kept for commemorative purposes, and the pop of the balloon makes a great video memory. If balloons aren’t your thing, a cake can be a scrumptious way to reveal a baby's gender. Entrust the news with a baker, and have a cake made with a neutral frosting, with bubs gender colour inside, so when cut into, the reveal is made.

Collect the Keepsakes

A gender reveal is sure to be a special day, not just for the new mum, but for her partner, her family and her friends. Keeping track of moments throughout the day with videos and photos is important, and they’re memories that everyone in attendance will appreciate. Creating a shared digital photo album with the help of Google Drive, or even Facebook will help the new bub’s family and friends share in the happy memories of the day they discovered the baby's gender. If the expecting couple is particularly sentimental, taking the time to collect scrapbooking memorabilia from the day is an excellent gift. Whether it be pieces of the decor, notes of advice from guests in attendance, or simply printing the photos out and pasting them into a physical album.

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