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How To Get The Kids Back-To-School Ready This Season

7th January 2019

Getting the little ones back-to-school ready can be a daunting time for many parents. With so many things to tick off the list to ensure they have what they need in the classroom, let alone their uniforms, it can be hard to know where to start. One way you can ensure the transition from lazy days at the beach to long days in the classroom is easier is by assembling the things they need in advance. Whether it’s a sports uniform you’re trying to get sorted or hats and raincoats for unreliable weather, our school wear selection for primary school children has you and the kids covered.

Here are our top tips on how to get the kids back-to-school ready this year.

Get Their Sports and Everyday Uniforms Sorted

First thing’s first: assemble everything they need for their different uniforms. By calling the school and getting in touch before the term commences, you can obtain a list of what they need and make things easier for yourself before you begin browsing. This eliminates unnecessary spending and helps families stay within their back-to-school budgets. From everyday uniforms to lighter sports equivalents, our selection of school wear will take them from season to season.

Sports days have become ingrained into the Australian primary school culture. Team sports in particular teach kids how to exercise their bodies, communication skills, emotions and more. From tank tops to polos, mesh shorts to track pants, our lightweight designs are suitable for sports and exercise. Because as we all known, there’s nothing worse than running around in uncomfortable clothing. For their day-to-day uniforms, choose from blouses or polo shirts in monochromatic tones and dresses, pants or skirts in the unique colour code of their school. Our understated styles make them perfect for mixing and matching with specific pieces while our broad range of colours has all schools covered.

Make Sure They Feel As Comfortable As They Are Functional

Feeling comfortable is important for productive days at school. From itchy fabrics that irritate kids with sensitive skin to rigid designs that don’t foster flexibility, being caught in uncomfortable clothing can impair their focus.

Rely on lightweight fabrics such as soft-touch cotton to keep things breathable and cool in the humid weather of summer, reserving more durable fabric blends that resist wear and tear with ease for added warmth on cold days in winter. The hypoallergenic nature of cotton minimises irritation in kids with even the most sensitive of skin while durable fabrics dry faster making them perfect for sports designs.

Assemble All Necessary Accessories

Their school wear isn’t complete without the necessary accessories to match. In order to keep them warm when the weather takes a turn for the worse, make the most of our beanies, scarves and gloves for school. Fitted out in a collection of core colours from durable fabric blends, they supply added comfort and warmth for cool days throughout the seasons.

To keep their uniforms clean, whether it’s from messy art classes or wet weather, turn to our versatile selection of art smocks and raincoats. Made from fabrics that are lightweight yet durable, our art smocks shield their uniforms from liquids without weighing them down. The chemical resistance of the fabric means they won’t break down from exposure to paint, glitter and glue while front pockets provide the design with added practicality. When it comes to raincoats, choose from button-front designs that are knee-length for maximum coverage and pullover styles with front pouches that provide protection for their hands or possessions.