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Baby Swimwear

The Best&Less range of baby swimwear includes everything you need to keep them happy and comfortable in the water and safe from the sun. Our range of baby swimwear is the first stop for getting everything you need for their first swim or regular trips to the pool and the beach.

Shop our range of baby swimwear to find the perfect fit for your bub including a rash vests, swim tops and baby sunsuit outfits. Baby swimwear also makes a great gift idea for birthdays, baby showers and other special occasions. Simply follow our Best&Less infant sizing guide to ensure that you're getting the right size for your intended bub.

Should baby wear long sleeve swimwear?

Your baby's skin is highly sensitive so this means that any exposure to the sun such as when they're wearing a baby two-piece swimsuit can result in irritation and sun burn. Particularly in Australia, being outside even for just a few minutes throughout the summer months can result in painful and uncomfortable sun damage like sunburn.

The last thing we want is for baby to be sun burnt, so long sleeve baby swimwear, as well as singlets, tops and tees and pants are always the safest option to go with. Our selection of baby swimsuit designs includes safe sleeves that won't restrict baby's movement and flexibility while they're playing at the beach or in the pool. You can choose from fun and exciting designs available in boy leg pants, no pants, cute little frills and bold designs perfect for either and boy or a girl.

The other reason why it's a good idea for baby to always wear long sleeve swimwear is to guard against the potential for baby to developing rubbing rashes causes by irritants to their skin. Children, especially when they are very young, are not always able to make themselves comfortable so if they are developing a rash somewhere, they may not be able to shift their body's position to stop it from getting worse.

These rashes can occur because of the sand at the beach, the salt in the salt water, the materials of flotation devices and water toys, chlorine in the pool water, exposure to the sun or other general allergens in the air. Every baby is special and unique so your little one may have more sensitive skin than another. To help ensure that your baby has fun in the sun and the water, baby rashies and infant rash guard swimwear can help to prevent rubbing rashes or skin irritants from becoming too uncomfortable or, hopefully, stop them from developing at all.

Choose from the Best&Less range of infant swimwear for a full baby rash suit which includes swim shorts and rashies available as a complete set, or team a baby rash suit with bikini bottoms. Both types are available with convenient press stud designs to ensure easy and quick access to nappies when changing time arrives.

Do you have everything baby needs to start swimming? Discover the complete summer range from Best&Less designed for baby and including accessories like hats and towelling. Pair your baby swimwear with a hooded beach towel design to slip over baby's head and keep them protected from the sun while they dry off.

Pack a few baby rompers in your beach bag to slip baby into for the car ride home. These cute little cotton onesies are quick and easy to dress baby (particularly premature babies) in and soft and comfortable enough for playing all day as well as tired naps in the car on the way home from big days at the beach and the pool.