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Health and Beauty Supplies for Women


For those bathroom cabinet basics that you never seem to have enough of, stock up from our selection of health and beauty supplies for women. When it comes to keeping your hair silky smooth from season to season, make the most of detangling brushes and hair clips or pins. Detangling brushes smooth out knots and tangles with as much ease as possible whereas hair clips and pins help secure stray hairs in place for sleek hairstyles such as buns and ponytails. Elastics are essential for women with thick hair due to their unique spiral shape that creates a stronghold without creating kinks while hair ties are appropriate for thin or distressed hair as they won’t pull out loose strands or cause breakage. For those slick back buns that seem impossible to achieve, take advantage of hair donuts that build the foundation with ease. Fitted out in light and dark colours to suit the unique shade of your hair, this polished look works well at work or on the weekend. Rely on nail buffs to polish your nails into a more consistent and shiny condition, reserving nail files to gently grind down and shape their overall look.

Best&Less is host to a broad range of homewares and supplies for the house, including for the bathroom, kitchen, living room and more. For a functional collection of health and beauty supplies for women, from headbands and hair ties to nail buffs and files, shop online with Best&Less Australia.