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Men's Rash Vests

The Best&Less collection of summer men's and women's swimwear includes everything you need to have fun and enjoy the summer sun while remaining safe and alert, like our collection of rash vests for both men and women. Shop online with confidence, using our easy to understand sizing guide to ensure that you select the right fitting rash vest for you.

Summers in Australia are always hot no matter where you live across the country, so it's important to remain safe while you're swimming at your local pool, your pool at home and while you're at the beach. Our selection of rash vests includes stylish and trendy pieces designed to ensure you remain protected from harsh UV rays without compromising on style and comfort.

What is a rash vest used for?

Traditionally, the rash vest was created to help surfers minimise the risk of developing uncomfortable sea salt rashes between their body and their boards while they were in the surf. They were constructed from stretchable fabrics which clung to the body to ensure tight fitting tops and shorts which would not inhibit movement while they were swimming, but which would effectively stop any chance of friction rashes from developing. As time wore on, the idea of protecting swimmers and surfers from the harsh rays of the sun also began to affect the design of a rashie swimsuit with rash shirt options including powerful protection against harsh UV rays.

Initially, rash vests were targeted toward beach rashie wears like surfers, open sea swimmers and other ocean competition sportspeople. They were specialist pieces and often not affordable or known to other beach goers. Once their sun safe properties were understood, rash shirt designs became more and more accessible with children's one piece rashies common at the beach and the pool. Finally, adult rashie vest and long sleeved options began to pop up and Best&Less now stock a range of mens rashie options and womens rashies designs to inhibit the development of sea surf rashes from occurring and for protection against UV rays.

With a rash guard with in-built UV protection, you know that the parts of your body covered by your rash vest are also protected against the sun while you're swimming. In the water is one of the most dangerous places to get sunburnt as even water-proof sunscreens can sometimes fail and the UV light will bounce up off the water and burn exposed skin. It's always safest, however, to use a combination of both rash vest options and your usual SPF 50+ sunscreen to ensure you are properly and completely covered as your rash vest may be vulnerable while wet or stretched too thin over your skin.

How tight should a rash best be?

To ensure ultimate comfort whether you're swimming in the surf at the beach or in an outdoor pool, your rash top should be tight fitting, particularly around your joints like the shoulders and hips. When you're in the water, you want to ensure complete freedom of movement and our range of rash shirt womens and mens include both long and short sleeve options for ultimate comfort. Choose from plain and patterned ladies pieces in cropped designs to the hip with either a zip up front for easy removing or pull over rashie swimsuit designs. For the men, our rash vest options include pull over t-shirt style or long sleeves in a range of colours and designs.

Your rash vest can be worn outside of the water for added sun protection too so when you purchase your rash vest from Best&Less get the right fitting design you'll be comfortable in all day long.